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Insured/Bonded Cleaning Company 
Tulsa, OK
About Us
​Welcome to Minute Maids LLC! I am Valarie Boe, mother of four amazing children which brought me to start MM back in 2014. I had just finished my business degree and it was time to hit the working world full time. I had spent a few years managing a small office, but  what I found was that I enjoyed cleaning a desk more than sitting behind it. The truth is, I have always enjoyed cleaning.  From the time I was a preteen,  my mother would occasionally have me help with individual households she cleaned. She taught me everything from base boards to bed making. Eventually I became a pet sitter, house cleaner/sitter or whatever random service I could provide. 

Fast forward a few years later to my hometown of Pawhuska where I preceived a need for a profesional cleaning service. So, I spent many hours researching through books, videos, and online resources to become as educated as I could about commercial and residential cleaning. And then went to work! I started with a few houses and soon the referrals came rolling in. Today, we serve commercial and residential properties. Properties such as The First Presbyterian Church and The Pioneer Woman's Mercantile store.

When you hire Minute Maids, I will personally come to clean and take the time to make sure your needs are met just the way you want it today, tomorrow, and in the future. You won't have to pay extra when deviating from "the plan". Just call or send me a text for your free consultation or view our rates chart for approximate cost. I will personally get back to you within 24 hours.